Little Drummer Boy

Like all of us, I’ve been thinking a lot about David Bowie this week. I didn’t realise how much I loved his music. Fragments of his songs, melodies, his presence and voice have been a constant*, like satellites going round and round amongst all that crappy space junk. It’s incredible. The posts, videos, memories of him now make me feel proud and sad and grateful. What he represents is just so inspiring.

But truthfully, I didn’t realise it till this week, that wonderful curiosity and intelligence. And those songs. The way I see, his whole spirit, his vibe is saying to us, “Sing the song of yourself, whatever it is, whoever you are. And don’t judge, be nice to people. It’s all OK.”

So do something beautiful, even if it’s just one candle lighting up a room – and he lit up the entire world – it’s worth it. It really makes a difference.

*This was our Xmas song year, Little Drummer Boy. I can’t quite explain why I love it so much. I remember as a kid when it came out. Perhaps it’s because my Dad told me my grandad (who I’m named after and I who I never met) was a big Bing Crosby fan. Bowie actually hated the song apparently, and so he and a couple of others wrote a brand new part for this TV special.
On my guitar at Xmas, I took great delight in crooning the Bing Crosby bit, to anyone who’d listen, and then really letting rip in an exaggerated way the Bowie counter melody.
Naturally, it all feels impossibly poignant now: