Stephen Fry
Sam Semple’s Mystery Songs have been haunting me for weeks. Here is a real new talent. A singer songwriter with a mastery of lyrics, a sweet voice, and an angle on life that will make you think even as you hum and smile… fabulous debut.

Janice Long
Very special. I listened to all of it and it’s fantastic, it really, really is. A gem. I just love everything about it… a beautiful album.

Maverick Magazine
“Gorgeous debut… The quality of this record reminds me of a golden time when one could site down for 40 minutes and be completely absorbed by music. The likes of Cat Stevens and CSNY spring to mind. Sam Semple has unearthed a gem.”

Acoustic Magazine
“A remarkably assured debut album… well-crafted originals of classic, Radio 2-freindly folk-pop.”

R2 Magazine
“This is his first album of his own songs and excellent songs they are … subtle enough to repay repeated listening, they hint at the influence of artists as diverse as Neil Diamond, Neil Young, Jimmy Webb and Cat Stevens.”

Three Monkeys
“Full of melody, poetry and rock-solid musicianship. Every song glows with loving care, each one of them the product of constant nurture and attention.”